My research encompasses: health services and policy research in workforce, specifically nursing with a focus on staffing, both nursing and medical, patient outcomes and patient safety; workload and flow, teamwork and nurse outcomes such as burnout; history of nursing, specifically overseas and imperial nursing; infection control and prevention; policy research; workforce planning especially education and training; the future of the National Health Service; arts and health and health systems and healthcare reform.

Recent & Current Projects

Health services and policy research NIHR funded Policy Research Unit on Health and Social Care Research workforce with Institute of Fiscal Studies and Imperial College London: ‘Medical Generalism and Specialism in Smaller Hospitals’ with The Nuffield Trust; Imperial, UCL, Health Foundation ‘Use of Patient Experience Data in Quality Improvement' with Cardiff University; NHS Improvement: retention of older nurses; NHS England: Student Commission on the Future of the NHS with The Policy Institute KCL: King’s Together with Steffen Zellen, Informatics: 'Agent Based Modelling and Ethnography in Patient Flow management’.

History: Leverhulme Trust; From Microbes to Matrons: Infection control and prevention, 1870-1970 with Glasgow University; AHRC, RIPEN in Antimicrobial resistance’ with Glasgow School of Art; King’s Cultural Institute, ‘Choreography of communication in a chemotherapy unit’ with Dr Anne Jones, Professor Rick Iedema

Postgraduate Research


Mathew Alders with Dr Janet Anderson, ‘Resilience Engineering in the Acute Medical Unit’.

Angharad Fletcher, ‘Plague Nursing in Colonial Hong Kong and South Africa’ with Professor Robert Peckham.

Jane Hopping, ‘Community Nursing Caseload Measurement’ with Caroline Nicholson and Julia Philippou.

Elena Giskin Day, ‘Gratitude in hospital’ Wellcome doctoral fellowship
Mary Tanay, ‘Co-Design in Symptom Management of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy’.

NIHR doctoral fellowship with Professor Glenn Robert Dr Jo Armes



Claire Leon-Villapalos ‘Safe Staffing in ICU’ Imperial College with Professors Steve Brett and Mary Wells


Linda Eyre, ‘Teamness in Inter-Professional Assessment’ with Professor Rick Iedema



Sharma Shrawan, 'The Nursing Contribution to Patient Flow Management: a Systematic Review’ with Dr Olga Boiko

Post Doctoral

Marja Harkan, University of Eastern Finland, ‘Medication safety and nurse staffing' with Trevor Murrells